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Who We Are

The Grotesque agency is serving clients worldwide.

We are a full-service creative web design + digital marketing company under one roof. Our team of highly trained professionals will create something special to help your business grow.
We work in close cooperation with our clients. This helps us clearly understand their business potential, their audience, and objectives. We strive to deliver superior solutions for any taste and budget trying to exceed our clients' expectations.

  • Dependability

    We strive to always provide our clients with what we guarantee, to meet every deadline, and to communicate proactively. We find the right approach to your business like to our own, we endeavor to deliver services you can completely rely on.

  • Creativity

    We believe that creative thinking can solve the impossible and push boundaries to challenge common thinking. Our task is not to quickly find the easiest solution but thoroughly research and analyze the case to create the best possible result that meets the client's business needs and attracts a new audience.

  • Quality

    We can say without a doubt that the highest quality is above all for us. We pay much attention to every detail in everything we produce to exceed clients' expectations and to make sure they leave us each time inspired and satisfied.

  • Teamwork

    Thinking and working together, we merge our power to deliver the best possible and ingenious solutions. We deliberately sustain a collaborative atmosphere where every team member’s idea is heard, considered, and appreciated to make you benefit from the final result.

Our Mission

We aim at providing our respectful clients with reliable and technically advanced business solutions with a guarantee of the exceptional customer service during all the process.

Let's Create Something Awesome Together!

Feel free to send us an email at moc.liame%40euqsetorg.

Our Work Process

We are guided by clear and long-term cooperation with clients. Look through the process of our work.



We thoroughly research and analyze the client's business, services, and products to clearly understand the its potential, goals, and target audience. We use this information for further planning.



We plan customized strategies to get the maximum conversion rate. Particular attention is paid to setting the keys to the efficient user interface and determining the suitable user experience.



We closely cooperate with our clients to create projects that completely demonstrate the proposed work. Mockups are regularly improved to satisfy all the objectives.


Quality Assurance

Our professional QA team thoroughly examines every single page to ensure that all features perform perfectly on every platform, bringing the most holistic user experience for every visitor.



We integrate the entirely custom front-end theme with a solid back-end foundation. Our tailor-made solutions are the best way to satisfy the project's goals and provide maximum flexibility.



We always do our best to offer the training required for a smooth transition for site administration. We provide post-launch to guarantee that everything runs smoothly and fits with the client's needs.

Our Professional Team

Each of our employees has the necessary expertise to complete even the most complex client projects.

  • Illustration

    Andrew Weiss / SEO

    Andrew founded the Grotesque agency over 7 years ago after working for renowned agencies such as Top Notch Designs, Unified Infotech, HUEMOR, and many others. Andrew is our righteous leader and mentor.
    +1 (234) 567 89 01 | moc.liame%40ssiew

  • Illustration

    Eva Mendez / Front-end guru

    Eva is our coder and programmer rolled into one, a hero of style and code, creating user interfaces. Her main task is to convert the design layout into an easily readable code to make everything on the site work quickly and conveniently.
    +1 (234) 567 89 02 | moc.liame%40zdnem

  • Illustration

    Anna Drake / Web Designer

    Anna is responsible for the design of your site or app. She deals not only with its visual components but also with UI and UX. Her main task is to arrange the project as a whole so that it is convenient and attractive for users.
    +1 (234) 567 89 03 | moc.liame%40ekard

  • Illustration

    Oscar Hammond / Art Director

    Oscar is the head of the art direction of our company and clients' projects and is responsible for the development, implementation, and control of the execution of design work in accordance with internal criteria.
    +1 (234) 567 89 04 | moc.liame%40dnommah

We Are Hiring!

Create a great career to build your expertise and passion for great design.

Our close-knit team is a fast-moving group of digital mavens who bring energy and passion to our progressive, fast-paced, and dynamic company.
At Grotesque, every voice counts, creativity is valued, and each team member matters.

Our Culture

    We listen to one another;
    We work smart;
    We manage with resilience;
    We allow our inspiration and perseverance guide us;
    We care about our clients, about our work, and about each other;
    Our clients are our friends.

Our Vision

Our goal is to develop high-quality websites and apps for our customers that will remain relevant in a few years.
We believe in the systematic development and promotion of online businesses using the entire marketing mix.



You can work wherever and whenever you want.


Gym Membership

The company covers your expenses on the gym.


Breakfast Mondays

Monday morning is the time to chat with your team.


Generous Vacation

You get 30 days of vacation per year plus sick leaves.


Agile Methodology

Our work process is divided into sprints.

Open Positions

Apply now and join our international team of web design and development experts!

  • UX/UI Designer


      2 + years experience
      Sketch, InVision, Visio, etc.
      Remote/hybrid work

    $ 4.500

  • Digital Marketer


      SEO & SEM
      Communication skills
      5+ years experience

    $ 5.200

  • Web Designer


      Bachelor's degree in design
      HTML, CSS, Javascript.
      2+ years experience

    $ 3.500

Let's Create Something Awesome Together!

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We are a full-service creative web design, development, and digital marketing company under one roof. We offer a variety of digital services for our clients worldwide.

Feel free to call us: +1 (234) 567 89 00

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